Snow Patrol are HUGE. We mean that in terms of sales and success rather than actual size - that's not the reason they are playing outdoors. And they are back to play Luxembourg again, promoting new LP Wildness.


Snow Patrol’s management have advised that the remainder of the European tour is going to be cancelled due to an injury endured by the pianist and guitarist, Johnny Mcdaid
The 10 upcoming shows have to be cancelled, including our show in the Neumünster Abbey.

So we hate to say it, but Snow Patrol’s show, initially scheduled at Neumünster Abbey on July 2nd, has had to be canceled. Unfortunately, there is no replacement date. 

We are sorry to have to announce the cancellation of more shows. 



Snow Patrol have been around, in one form or another, for nigh on 24 years.

Some of their tunes have been seared into the public conscious, even if many of them will not be automatically remembered as being quintessential Snow Patrol fare. Such was the ubiquity of singles Run in 2003 and Chasing Cars in 2006 - coming as they did in the time of earnest ballads being de riguer (Coldplay, Keane, Embrace, The Script, The Verve et al) - Snow Patrol went big on both sides of the Atlantic.

Third album Final Straw's now ironically iconic title (it was to be the love it or leave it record) would suddenly see Snow Patrol's third record turn them into an 'overnight success'.

Back in the GD to promote eighth LP 'Wildness' and will do some in some fine atmosphere in the stunning setting of the Abbaye Neumunster.

I think the album is defined by memory in a lot of ways,” says frontman Gary Lightbody. “My father’s loss of memory, fading and frayed memories of my youth and my own sense of frustration when I can’t remember my own song lyrics."

Singalongs and goosebumps are not an optional extra

Support comes from Picture This.

Tuesday 2 July, 7pm.