This excellent promo video has been out for a couple of weeks but RTL Today caught up with the protagonists to find out just how this incredible duet came about.

The video took about three months to come together, though the song itself has been kicking around in various forms for a while now. The fact that MAZ and CHAILD (Aka Adriano Lopes Da Silva) are firm friends perhaps better explains why this huge hit feels so effortless.

RTL Today contacted both parties through 'THE SOCIALS' and quizzed them away from each other's influence about a track that could be key in both of their success.

How did the idea come about?
Maz: Well first of all, we had wanted to do a song together for a long time. And we felt that a few months ago was the right time to start working on it.
CHAILD: It was quite a natural thing, an immortalization of our relationship through what we both love We wrote a song two years ago, it never happened at that time. I think the universe didn't want it at that stage lol. Now that we feel more confident, well, especially for me, with regards to identity and fan base, the moment was right to drop the track.

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How was the structuring shared out? Were there any 'I want the chorus!' moments?
CHAILD: I actually wrote the most of the lyrics this year coming out of a very dark moment. The theme of the song concerns the role of an artist in society. You know, dealing with how you feel when it is not going right, or that you don't get booked, or your projects don't get the feedback you want.
Maz: Adrian came up with the chorus and the melody - the piano line. That became the basis of the song. The title was also Adrian's creation, he explained to me what it meant to him and I think we have slightly different interpretations of it. But only slightly. For me, the water symbolizes the artistry and the dream of becoming a famous rapper, musician... whatever - and how we are diving into this water. As it turns into an obsession it kind of makes you sick.
CHAILD: Yes, there is a contradiction in the title. Water is a source of life. A necessity and this need can also be 'sick' and this is how I felt in that darker period. The theme for the video came from myself, Maz, and Mattia Bellacittà, the director of the visuals.

"Is it personal? Should I take it personally?"

CHAILD: All these questions come in your mind...about your an artist. You know Luxembourg is very small and you start to think about your behavior, one little mistake can influence your whole career. It's about not knowing if you did 'something', or if people just don't 'like' you.

Was it difficult to lend yourself to this type of track, given that it would not normally be the style you are known for?
Maz: Of course it is not typical of any genre. But as the title says it is MAZ featuring on a CHAILD song, so the element of genre shifting is clear. Anyway, for me, I come from so many different genres of music, I listen to pop, dub step, rock, metal, classical. I listen to everything, it was not difficult for me, and if anything, I can see myself on many other styles of collaboration. As soon as I heard the melody, I felt the connection.
CHAILD: I ask 'Is it because I don't fit in your categories?' and that's an issue I have had my whole life. People tend to want to put a label on you as it is easier to understand. Easier to sell. There are people who follow the, as CHAILD, I am wanting to BE the trend. All the pressure I have felt, or that has been put on me, in my personal life, I now feel I have the strength to say 'fuck it' and to just be me. I think this is working. I perhaps gave off the wrong image of myself as Adrian and, since I am kind of reborn, I want to make something right from the start. You know the Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice - where one is responsible for moving forward as well as not looking back.

How important is it for artists to support each other in this way?
The music industry is a big ocean and you just swim and try not to get lost. It's easy for Maz and I to support each other, as we are friends and we come from different angles, musically, so there's no fight for space or success. Just to share something, is nothing for a person, it is just the press of a button, but for the artist it means everything.
Maz: It is incredibly important, sure, but it goes beyond that. Adrian and I are musicians, yes, but we've been friends for seven or eight years now. We've watched each other's careers and our developments and, as a result, we are really proud of what we have achieved and even more proud of this piece. In terms of Luxembourg's scene, yes, you instantly see the results, as both sets of fans are supporting the track - it makes a huge difference, not just in terms of views but in terms of reach too.

What brought about the name change from Adrian to CHAILD?
CHAILD: Yes, well, I mention the dark period and that things gave gotten better, I'm finding my way in life and music and now I finally feel that I can achieve something and I wanted to symbolize that. Besides, Discontinuous did well but perhaps would have been better under a different banner, as Adrian is kind of a common name. Calling myself CHAILD has a kind of beauty, it's aesthetically pleasing. A child is gender-less, it doesn't have a label, it can't be defined. And that is somewhere I would love to go. People will love or hate the name, and that reaction is better than no one cares. It also helps me being more objective in creation and art. Allows me a distance from a predefined persona.

What other collaborations may there be?
Maz: I've two or three more on the horizon, Luxembourg artists and you'll see them pretty soon. In the future I am aiming to get some collaborations down with international artists. Guesting on artists that are bigger than me, lol, not like MEGASTARS but prominent people in the scene. I've, like, 2K Instagram followers, so you've got to start somewhere.
CHAILD: There is one Luxembourg artist that you know of...and that would be great, but I will tell him myself ;-) But, in terms of BiG names, Lady Gaga, SIA, Woodkid, Lana del Rey - one of these would be a dream. As CHAILD I want to be free, me without a filter, without people judging me or the fear of shocking people. I know we have some very special things planned, the next thing we are releasing is something you've not seen before. And I can't wait to share it with you.