Renowned Italian photographer Fabrizio Maltese appeared on Today Radio this week to discuss his upcoming film, which is released in Luxembourg on 31 January.

Fabrizio Maltese is an award-winning Italian photographer and documentary filmmaker, based in Paris and Luxembourg. Known for his celebrity portraits, his work has graced the covers of publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, GQ and Rolling Stone magazine. He is the only photographer to have won the Venice Movie Stars Photography Award twice and was nominated for the prestigious National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Award.

Maltese has also directed multiple feature-length documentaries: "Twenty-Five Palms" (2015), "Fifty Days in the Desert" (2016), "California Dreaming" (2019) and most recently his autobiographical narrative "I Fiori Persi" (2021). He appeared on The Home Stretch on Monday, where he spoke to  Melissa Dalton about his latest project, 'The Invitation' ("L'Invitation"), which premiered at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.


Based on an original idea by Luxembourgish director Pol Cruchten and Mauritanian filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako, Cruchten tragically passed away in 2019 before the project could come to fruition. In order to ensure the film saw the light of day, Sissako reached out to Maltese for help.

The documentary, a Red Lion production distributed by Tarantula Distribution, sees Maltese travel to Mauritania in an attempt to meet with the elusive Sissako, traversing countries and following the path laid out for him. From Saint Louis in Senegal to Nouakchott in Mauritania, from Mata Moulana to Chinguetti, Maltese has nothing more than a few scribbled notes from the two filmmakers to guide him through the desert. Despite the impact of Cruchten's passing on the production, he becomes a guiding spirit on Maltese's journey, as the Italian finds a way to unite the souls of his two companions yet again.

A special screening of the film, with a Q&A session in English, will be held at Utopia on Sunday 4 February at 4pm. Today Radio has three pairs of tickets to give away, so tune in throughout the week to find out how to win!

Listen to Melissa's full interview with Fabrizio Maltese right here on RTL Play.