Following an exclusive premiere at Utopia, ‘The Spirit of the Game’ will be debuting for the general public on Wednesday, 18 September 2019 at the British & Irish Film Festival.

The documentary is an in-depth look into the Luxembourg Puckers men's ice hockey team. With over 20 different nationalities and ranging in age from 20 - 60, the Puckers are possibly the most diverse sports team in the world. ‘The Spirit of the Game’ takes audiences on the rollercoaster of the extraordinary 2017/18 season as the team challenged to win the French Ice Hockey Trophée Loisir.

With an average team age of 44 years old, the Puckers must balance being good husbands, fathers and work life to compete in a league that requires its champions to travel over 4,000km per season and compete 3 times in 24 hours during the playoffs.

Director Liam McEvoy has had very positive feedback so far, and is looking forward to the screening, after which he will be hosting a Q&A. Of his expectations, he declares:

‘I expect the first public screening to have a lot of friends and family of the Puckers team along with some generally curious festival goers. I’m still pretty unknown as a filmmaker as this is my first movie as director. My hopes are that anyone who comes is captivated by the story of this great group of people.’

McEvoy is also very content with the opportunity that arose with the latest edition of the British & Irish Film Festival, saying:

‘BIFFL is perfect for the Luxembourg public release because ‘The Spirit of the Game’ is a story primarily about diversity. The festival is known for its very eclectic lineup and I think given the current political climate, it’s important to me to show that a collection of people from all over the world are successful because of their differences, not in spite of them.’

The filmmaker says the future is very much up in the air: there have been talks with big film festivals and TV networks, but nothing has yet been confirmed. He has no doubt the documentary has a bright future ahead, though.

‘I’m confident, given the reaction so far, that the movie will reach a wider audience very soon.’

Screening: 6.30 PM