Saman Rezapour is an overseas Luxembourger who has discovered his true passion -if not by total accident, then by embracing challenges and taking a risk. Now based in Canada, Saman is seeing life through a different lens.

So, the last time we spoke Saman, you were producing incredible nature shots, where are you now and what are you doing?

Things have changed slightly since we last spoke. I moved to Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada nearly two years ago now. I still take nature and lifestyle photos, except now I do it as my full-time job, in other words I've become a full-time professional photographer.

It’s an interesting time to start a business, what challenges have you faced?

It started with getting laid off a marketing job earlier in May, I then decided to turn my 'side hustle' photography business and passion into my main source of income. Things got very real, super fast! Around the same time I had met two other creatives, Viki a drone pilot and Lucas a videographer. Three months later we started our media production company The Coast Break Collective. Fast forward to today, and we're busier than ever, with projects of all shapes and sizes.

Starting a business during a pandemic might seem counter-intuitive. But I fully embraced the challenge and things have been working out pretty well. With restrictive measures and lockdowns, individuals and businesses have become ever so present online.

Business owners are starting to realize the importance of compelling and authentic visual content, stock videos and photos just won't cut it anymore! Creating those visuals for businesses is helping them reconnect with their online audience.


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What brought to wanting to pick up a camera and begin taking photographs? When was it that you were wanting to making a career out of it?

Four years ago I rekindled my passion for travelling and exploring (remember when that used to be a thing!). I needed to get out of my comfort zone, and I did so by travelling alone to these amazing locations. I'd go to places that made me feel small and that inspired awe. From great waterfalls in Iceland to majestic mountains in the Italian alps, I wanted to capture those moments and tell a story through my photos.

The more I'd travel the more I'd get drawn in to photography and the creative process behind it. It didn't take long for it to become a passion and for me to realize that this is what I wanted to do for a living. Today, I've reached a stage in my photography career where I want to share what I've learned over the years with others.

People buy a camera and hold so much potential in their hands but don't know it simply because they're unsure of how to use it correctly and lack the confidence to do so. I want to help those people create photos rather than just take photos.

What would you say are the most common mistakes a beginner will make?

It's important to note that there is no right or wrong way to create a photo, as long as the final image is how you intended it to be from the beginning. Often that's not the case, common mistakes could be an over-exposed image or maybe a badly framed one.

Following some simple rules and guidelines, and practicing them regularly anyone is capable of turning an OK photo into an amazing one.

Do you have to spend thousands on equipment? Is your eye in/on the lens more important than the editing process?

You definitely don't need to spend thousands on camera equipment to start creating some amazing photos. In fact looking at the latest iPhone prices, you could definitely get yourself a good enough second hand dslr for much less and create amazing photos with it.

At the end of the day whether you own a 800euro camera or 3000euro one, it all comes down to what's behind the camera... you! It's important to remember that a camera is merely a tool, how you use it will dictate what image you create. And having full control of your camera will allow you to create the photos you intended on taking.


© Saman Rezapour

Are mobile phone camera improvements and myriad corrective filters changing the way a photographer needs to ‘better’?

Smartphone cameras have definitely become a lot better in recent years. It's important to note that no matter if you're taking a photo with your smartphone or with a camera, what counts is the intention behind it all. It goes back to what I said earlier, the difference between taking a photo and creating a photo.

No matter how good your smartphone camera is or how expensive your dslr is, if you're taking a photo just for the sake of taking a photo, then you'll likely end up with a good image at best. There's so much more that goes into creating a photo.

Tell us about your course and what people can expect?

The photography course I launched aims to give novice photographers the tools to take full control of their photography. The course will cover all the fundamentals of photography from understanding exposure and the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO to composition techniques to editing photos in post.

They will learn to use their camera in full manual mode giving them the confidence to create stunning photos.

The course will start mid-January 2021 and will be held over a weekly Zoom call, where I will provided coaching and feedback.


© Saman Rezapour

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