Saman Rezapour is a terrific rugby player. Having represented Luxembourg's national team and captaining them a number of times, his reputation as a no-nonsense hard-man belies his sensitive and artistic side. Forging a new line of work, and soon Canada bound, Saman's eye for a shot is beautiful.

What got you into Photography?

I got into photography a little over a year ago when my passion for travel and adventure became an obsession. I’m talking solo road trip around Iceland, 10 day road trip in the Scottish highlands, Norwegian Fjords and action packed trip across South Africa’s southern coast among others.

Where do you find inspiration?

Having a 9-6 desk job, my goal was to get out of my comfort zone every time I travel, and be able to tell these stories through photography.

What equipment did you start out with?

Initially all I had was my iPhone and a tripod. I then bought my first camera and built up my gear from there, learning everything from YouTube and online articles.

Are you enjoying the change in pace?

It’s been and still is such a fun learning curve. Recently a lot of my friends and relatives have been pushing me to take my photography further and get something out of it. So I decided to set up an online print shop for people to buy my work and so far it’s been a success. I really wasn’t expecting it.

What's next?

I'm moving to Canada in a few months I’ll be able to explore a whole new part of this world and hopefully take some awesome photos out there.

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