Looking to get involved in one of the world's fastest racquet sports? Top Squash Sandweiler is set to introduce recurring celebrity squash matches, aiming to boost awareness and participation in the sport.

With squash being included in the lineup for the LA 2028 Olympic Games, this serves as a pivotal platform for the squash community to implement initiatives for promoting the sport.

In an exciting debut event, Top Squash Sporting director - and the host of Today Radio show Letz Talk Sport - Nathan Sneyd has selected two prominent athletes to kick off the inaugural match this Saturday 9 December. Nascar driver Gil Linster is set to face off against recently retired rugby player, and fellow Letz Talk Sport host, Scott Browne, adding a thrilling blend of speed and agility to the squash court.

Following this dynamic opening, a lineup of formidable competitors awaits their turn in the spotlight. Julien Henx (swimmer), Dylan Pereira (race car driver), Chris Leesch (motorcyclist), Flavio Gianotte (fencer) and Amy Thompson (football player) are all poised to step onto the court as the next challengers.

The matches are strategically planned to serve as captivating "curtain raisers" for significant events hosted at Top Squash. The other notable occasions on the calendar include the German Liga matches and various tournaments. It is hoped that the celebrity matches will bring excitement and energy to the venue.

As part of this initiative, the Top Squash Open and the prestigious Luxembourg Masters will also feature these engaging matches, enhancing the overall experience for fans and participants alike.

The venue is open for spectators to watch and support their favourite players and teams with food and beverages available.