This past Sunday, the chilly grounds of Cessange witnessed an exciting spectacle as RCL Lightning, the Touch club of Rugby Club de Luxembourg, hosted its very first International Junior Touch tournament.

Despite the freezing temperatures, the enthusiasm of 75 players from RCL Lightning, Strasbourg Touch, and Brussels Buffaloes quickly warmed up the field. The event featured three mixed-age group divisions: U9, U12, and U15. The unique nature of Touch allows boys and girls to play together in mixed teams. Notably, RCL's U12 all-girls team faced a challenging task against opponents with a heavier boy presence. However, showcasing intelligence and teamwork, they managed to score some fantastic tries. In the U15 category, RCL secured victory against Strasbourg but came second to the experienced Buffaloes, who claimed the top spot in their division.

Head Junior Touch, Lee O’Keefe, expressed, “This tournament is part of our journey to play competitive games against local Touch clubs. It was great to witness so many girls competing against boys and holding their own. That is the beauty of touch – kids of different ages, sizes, and abilities can play safely together. In fact, we have so many girls now in the junior club; we need more boys!”

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Touch, originating in the 1960s as a non-contact form of Rugby league, is a fast and dynamic 6-a-side game with rolling substitutions played on a 50x70m pitch. Its emphasis on speed, skill, and strategy, rather than physical contact, makes it an inclusive sport played by both sexes and often in mixed teams.

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