Embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle this autumn as Luxembourg City ushers in its exhilarating new 'Sports pour tous' season, boasting over 200 diverse courses held at more than 30 locations citywide.

Starting 1 October 2023, Luxembourg City will burgeon with energy and enthusiasm as the new 'Sports pour tous' season kicks off. Catering to every fitness enthusiast, from the young sprinter to the seasoned yogi, this dynamic programme unfolds over 200 courses at more than 30 sites scattered across the city, ensuring everyone has a chance to break a sweat!

Sports classes for the young and energetic

Youngsters are spoilt for choice with approximately 30 diverse sports activities that will keep them engaged, active, and socially connected. From the thrilling rush of skateboarding and indoor football to the strategic calm of chess and the graceful moves of breakdance, there's an activity to suit every interest and energy level.

More information and registration for young people

A plethora of choices for adults

For the adults, the menu is equally tantalising, offering over 100 weekly classes that strike a perfect balance between traditional and unconventional. Stretching, aerobics, water aquatics – you name it, it is there! And for those looking to step out of the ordinary, introductory curling sessions and tai chi classes are sure to provide a refreshing experience.

Tailored activities for the 55+ brigade

Seniors are not left behind in this fitness fiesta! The programme is tailored to dovetail with the physical abilities of individuals aged 55 and up, offering a delightful mix of walking, gentle fitness, chess, and more, ensuring that the golden years are spent in health and vitality.

More information and registration for ages 55+

Grab your brochures

The detailed 'Sports pour tous – autumn-winter' brochure is your passport to navigate through this ocean of opportunities, supplemented by the 'Guide du sport' for a comprehensive sports landscape in Luxembourg City.

For further details and an interactive experience, visit the Luxembourg City sports website or pick up a brochure at the city's prominent locations. Your journey to fitness, fun, and fellowship begins now!