In the latest episode of Today Radio's flagship sports program, Letz Talk Sport, listeners were in for a treat as hosts Nathan and Scott delved into the world of triathlon with an extraordinary guest, Luc Weis, representing the x3m Snooze triathlon team. Luc's journey into the world of triathlon is far from typical, and Episode #129 was filled with exciting sports conversations, surprises, and exclusive insights into his remarkable career.

The episode kicked off with a signature blend of sports and history, covering a wide range of hot topics in the sports world, from global events to the performances of the men's national football team and the promising U-21s. Nathan and Scott, true to their style, expertly dissected and discussed the highlights for their audience.

Luc Weis, a triathlete with a unique story, shared the ups and downs of his journey to the top. He recounted a hilarious incident involving a bike accident on the Velo summer roads and the infamous TT barriers. We also heard about common obstacles that remind us all that, in a triathlon, you must be prepared for anything.


The boys delved into Luc's rich biking background, both on the road and in cyclocross, and how it influenced his triathlon career. Luc also gave a sneak peek into his upcoming challenge in Portugal and shared valuable lessons he's learned along the way.

What truly sets Luc Weis apart from the crowd is his unique collaboration with a German coach, a partnership that has played a pivotal role in his rise to form and success in triathlon. In this episode, the audience was granted an inside look into the dynamics of this fruitful relationship.

Letz Talk Sport #129

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