Ralph "Dizzy" Diseviscourt keeps amassing training kilometres, although his primary goal of 2020 has been cancelled.

Even in times of corona, where all major sporting events are cancelled, the workload of extreme cyclist Dizzy remains as high as 800 to 900 kilometres per week.

The athlete had chosen the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme race, scheduled for June 2020, as his most important goal for the year. It is the longest stage race, which takes participants from Moscow to Vladivostok. 9,100 km have to checked over fifteen days, with stages as long as 1,400 km. As so many events, the race had to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic.

Naturally, a cause for disappointment for Dizzy. Nonetheless, the athlete is rather content with the situation as it is:
"I am happy mainly because I am still able to train. We are lucky in Luxembourg, since we're still able to practice outside. I follow the government's rules, I only cycle by myself and keep distance when I meet others along the road. This means that so far, there haven't been major disruptions to my regular training routine."

Diseviscourt is also working remotely from home at the moment, meaning he can no longer include his bike ride to work in his training schedule:

"I have to admit that without the pressure of needing to arrive at work on time, my morning runs have lacked a bit of motivation. I still try to make my rounds as much as I can."

The extreme athlete is very aware of the current situation and what it means for sports around the world:

"It is great to see that many people seem to have discovered, or rediscovered, sports for themselves. Especially the numerous people I see enjoying the outsides together with their family and loved ones. In thirty years of cycling, I have never encountered as many people as I do now."

In total, Dizzy is training slightly less than before the lockdown. His goal of completing the Trans-Siberian race, which has been postponed to 2021, remains intact.