PE teachers from the Lycée Belval have devised a programme for their pupils which can be carried out at home while schools are shut.

Pupils in Luxembourg have been confined to their homes for the past week after all primary and secondary facilities closed down. While many educators have given students a timetable of work to follow, Lycée Belval PE teachers had thus far refrained from giving their pupils homework. That has now changed.
Gilles Birnbaum told RTL they had put together a two week programme to help pupils stay active, with an emphasis on doing sport for their health, not for the teacher. The school's PE teachers collaborated online in order to create the programme, based on documents from the French Ministry of Sport, and data on doing sport at home.

Birnbaum said the programme covered exercises such as push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and burpees, designed to be carried out to music to make exercise more fun for pupils. He added it was important to add fun elements for young children as well.

The programme can also be done with parents where possible, either outside in the garden or indoors.