Why go to the toilets to relieve yourself when there's a perfectly nice wall, said a dog to his friend. We mean man, but clearly there are some canine mannerisms going on here.

It's a hard life watching football matches: if they last more than 90 minutes and you're indulging in drinks, you'll probably likely need to go to the gents/ladies at some point.

But what if the toilet's too far away? Or you're just too lazy/drunk to walk all the way to the toilets? Well, for one man it was a handy thing that there was a wall located conveniently nearby. That wall may have been right underneath the match board of the game in question, which is funnily enough a part of the pitch people tend to look at.

Thankfully, the man who needed to relieve himself during the break of the F91 Dudelange - Progrès Niederkorn match on Wednesday had a pal, who was willing to keep watch to make sure nobody sees anything.

Just one tiny, tiny flaw in that plan: RTL cameras were livestreaming the match and as usual, were fixed on the match board during half-time...so it appears that the man in question got quite a bit more of an audience than he'd intended. Man of the match?