The Today Radio News team brings you the latest news headlines for Monday, 4 December.

Luxembourg & the Greater Region

GLACIS FIRE - Luxembourg City police have confirmed there was a major fire on the Glacis parking lot early on Sunday evening, involving 6 cars. Firefighters were called to deal with 4 cars which were ablaze, and after successfully extinguishing the fire, they determined a further two cars had also been damaged. Eye witnesses report having heard an explosion. The police cannot confirm this, and the outcome of the investigation needs to be awaited. No injuries were reported.

WEATHER ALERT - A Meteolux yellow alert is in effect for the whole of Luxembourg between 10 am and 2 pm today. The south can expect fresh snow accumulation of around 1 to 2 cm, while the north may see slightly more, with 2 to 4 cm of snow. Commuters are advised to be vigilant as the inclement weather takes hold.

POLICE - The authorities had a busy Saturday night as many intoxicated drivers were on the roads, with incidents recorded in Differdange, Bissen, Dudelange, Luxembourg City, Mersch and Esch.

MISSING PERSON - 59 year old Jean Claude René Klopp has been missing since yesterday afternoon. He was last seen between 4pm and 6pm in Bous, Rue d’Oerange. The missing man is approximately 1.65m tall, weighs about 100 kg, and has several scars on his body. He has short, light brown hair and is dressed in jeans and a green knit sweater. Any information regarding the missing person should be promptly reported to the Remich/Mondorf police station.


PHILIPPINES EARTHQUAKE - A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck off the coast of the southern Philippines early Monday, the United States Geological Survey said, the latest in a slew of strong quakes all concentrated in the same area. Monday's quake hit just before 4:00 am local time, at a depth of 30 kilometres, about 72 kilometres northeast of Hina-tu-an municipality on Mindan-ao island.

That followed a magnitude 6.6 earthquake on Sunday and a deadly magnitude 7.6 quake Saturday in the same region, which had briefly triggered a tsunami alert. Authorities said at least two people were killed and several were injured after Saturday's quake.

ISRAEL/GAZA CONFLICT - Israel expanded its offensive against Hamas militants in besieged Gaza on Monday, as international concern deepened over the mounting civilian death toll in a war sparked by the October 7 attacks. The return to open warfare after a truce between Israel and Hamas expired has had ripple effects around a region on the cusp of a wider conflagration.

Since the expiry of the truce on Friday, fighting in Gaza has resumed between Hamas and advancing Israeli troops, as have launches of militant rockets toward Israel and Israeli air strikes on the Palestinian territory.

MUNICH AIRPORT - Flights resumed at Munich airport on Sunday, a day after they were suspended due to snowfall, but disruption to rail traffic in parts of southern Germany was set to continue. Germany's second largest airport said on its website that flights resumed at 6:00 am but added that some "disruption to air traffic" would continue and advised passengers to check with their carriers well in advance before traveling to the airport.

BRUSSELS PROTEST - Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Brussels on Sunday to demand urgent action against climate change as world leaders gathered for crunch COP28 talks in the United Arab Emirates. The crowd braved low temperatures in the Belgian capital to the sound of drums and other musical entertainment following a call by the Climate Coalition, which brings together 90 civil society organisations. Organisers said 25,000 people attended, while police estimated their number at around 20,000.


FOOTBALL - In yesterdays major football games in the English Premier League, Chelsea beat Brighton & Hove Albion by 3 goals to 2, Liverpool put 4 past Fulham as their game finished 4-3, and Manchester City played out a 3-3 draw with Tottenham.

In La Liga, Barcelona recorded a slim 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid.

In Serie A, Inter Milan defeated champions Napoli by 3 goals to nil.

And in the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund played out a 1-1 draw.

RUGBY - All Blacks head coach Scott Robertson hailed the "class" of Beauden Barrett after the playmaker committed to another World Cup cycle on Monday by signing with New Zealand Rugby until the end of 2027. The 32-year-old is currently playing for Tokyo Verblitz in Japan but will return to New Zealand next year and be available for All Blacks selection.


The day will begin with some snow in the morning - as alerted yesterday via Meteolux - offering just enough of a soft coating to drive with vigilance. The sky will stay overcast as the day progresses, with the weather shifting to light rain in the afternoon. Temperatures will range from a brisk -3°C to a slightly milder 3°C.

The temperature will stay fairly stable as the evening arrives, staying in the low single digits. For those venturing out for early week activities, it's wise to dress warmly and be ready for damp and cool conditions.

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