The animated show, which had its premier on Danish public serviced kids' channel DR Ramasjang on Saturday, revolves around the life of John Dillermand - the man with "the world's longest penis".

The target audience for the show is children aged four to eight, and since its premiere it has raised more than a few eyebrows. Roughly translated, the theme song explains that John Dillermand has the world's longest penis "and there's nothing he can't do with it."

The series shows Dillermand using his penis when he finds himself in need of a longer leash for his dogs, and it comes equally in handy when his neighbour needs help raising his flag. At times his penis seems to take on a life of its own, for instance stealing ice cream from a child, which leads to embarrassment for the title character.

Reactions on Danish social media have been mixed - some describe it as upsetting and not suitable as children's entertainment, or have proclaimed it too pornographic and stated that their children will no longer be allowed to watch the publicly funded channel.  Others have been worried that their children will get the wrong impression from watching the show, thinking that exposing their genitals might be an acceptable practice.

On the other side of the debate are those who say that adults are reading too much into the cartoon, and that it shouldn't be viewed through the sexualised lens of adults as the context itself is inherently asexual.

Morten Skov Hansen, the head of DR Ramasjang, has issued a statement saying that the show will continue to be aired as planned. He further noted that Sex & Samfund, a Danish association for sexual education, formed part of the show's development, and that DR are pleased with the end result.