The father of a family walking through the High Fens captured a cyclist bump his knee into his daughter while passing by, upon which the girl fell face-forward on to the ground.

Patrick Mpasa, a resident of Verviers, took his family to the forest. In the video, the cyclist is seen shouting "attention" once approaching. Patrick warns his wife and children to move over, but the cyclist, seemingly in a hurry, knocks over Patrick's daughter with this knee.

Patrick stopped the cyclist who replied: "I called out, you just have to move" before leaving. He did not apologise. "I wouldn't have made a big deal out of it had he just apologised," Patrick says.

The father lodged a complaint and took his daughter, Neïa, to the emergency room. She was found to be okay after initial thoughts she may have had a fracture.

Patrick uploaded the video "to make cyclists and pedestrians aware that something is wrong."

Call for witnesses

Police have asked the cyclist to come forward, and for any witnesses to contact the police department.

The man is said to be in his 50s with possibly a moustache/beard partially obscured by a yellow neck warmer. He was wearing a grey jacket, black pants, glasses with orange lenses, yellow gloves and a yellow helmet.