Protesters in Minneapolis were surprised to be joined by a group of religious conservatives, initially described as Amish.

The death of George Floyd, an African-American, at the hands of a white police officer who kneeled on his neck has sparked a wave of protests across the United States since Monday.

A video circulating online shows a group in traditional religious dress holding signs reading 'Justice for George Floyd', 'Thou Shall Not Kill Any Man', and 'I Can't Breathe', before breaking into song.

Speculation is rife as to which religious minority the group belongs to. Many labelled them as Amish - members of a 200,000-strong rural community who follow the teachings of the 17th-century Swiss preacher Jakob Amman, and are primarily found in Pennsylvania.

However, others have suggested that the highly conservative Amish are probably not behind the protests, due to their reluctance to involve themselves in modern life. Alternative possibilities include Mennonites, a closely-related group of separatist Christians, and the pacifist Quakers.