Jenni Lee, who used used to go by the screen name Stephanie Saddora, is still ranked 119th best porn actress despite quitting the adult entertainment business more than a year ago. She now lives in a tight-knit community in a network of tunnels beneath the glamorous Las Vegas Strip.

A world famous porn star has been discovered to be homeless and live in Las Vegas's nightmarish network of underground tunnels beneath the Strip. The 37-year old is still ranked 119th best porn actress on Pornhub's list.

A Dutch RTL news programme interviewed her in the context of a documentary on the infamous tunnels that are occupied by homeless people, many of whom suffer from drug addiction. There is no running water and the destitute inhabitants have fashioned themselves makeshift kitchens and bedrooms.

In the interview, Lee looks back at her career and success in the adult entertainment business: "Yeah, I actually got very famous - maybe a little too famous." She added that she "should still be top 100 on some list somewhere."

Despite the hardships she encounters on a daily basis, she claims that people in the underground community are "more accepting" and that she has more "genuine friends."

The labyrinth-like tunnel network was initially built to protect the city of sin from flash floods. Life in the tunnels is therefore still extremely dangerous: monsoon rains can fill them up at rapid pace, posing deadly threat of drowning.