After two years of being held virtually, this year’s Journée de l’Economie made its entrance back on Luxembourg’s conference stage, with a theme that could not suit these times of uncertainty better: “Facing crises: Where do we stand? Ready for the next one?”.

Watch John Parkhouse, CEO and Senior Partner of PwC Luxembourg, giving us his insights on the event, its discussions and panellists, and why we should get used to the term “polycrisis”.

Being a flagship of thought-leadership for key economic topics in Luxembourg, the Journée de l’Economie 2022 brought, once again, Luxemburg’s decision-makers and economic thought leaders together to discuss and exchange on the challenges and difficulties the different sectors faced during the Covid-19 pandemic and what is yet to come - looking at the recent events in Ukraine.

From never before seen solidarity and supporting measures from the government, recovering from Covid-19 (economically speaking, but also socially), the stagflation, tensions in international supply chains, all while mastering the green and digital transition: many topics were touched upon during the day. This all made clear, that the interconnectedness of crises is the new normal and we do live in a time of “polycrisis”, moving from one state of emergency to another.

What have we learned?

What are the key points taken home from the Journée de l’Economie? First, crises can happen to us, everywhere, at all times. In this globalised and interconnected world that we live in, we need to improve our ability to anticipate beyond our own borders. Following this thought, we also need to identify what we can control and strengthen our resilience in advance before another crisis hits. And last, this crisis still has a race to run, so we have to stay vigilant.

As always, the agenda was characterised by multiple high-level panel discussions, including many speakers from the public and private sector such as Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy, Adam Tooze, Economist and Professor of History and Director of the European Institute at Columbia University, René Winkin, Managing Director of  FEDIL, Tom Baumert, Director of CLC, Michèle Detaille, President of FEDIL, Jacques Lorang, CEO of Luxcaddy,, Tom Steffen, CEO of Groupe Steffen, Anne Calteux, Head of Representation of the EU Commission in Luxembourg, Carole Muller, Vice President, CLC & CEO of Fischer, Jean-Claude Schmit, Director of Health at the Luxembourg Health Directorate and Laurent Schonckert, Managing Director of Cactus and John Parkhouse.

The event brought together around 160 participants and raised EUR 4,600 in registration fees, which was donated to UNICEF.

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