According to a press release, the new packaging will be used for 'a wide range' of fruit and vegetables, and is made of "100% FSC paper and no mineral oil."

We have written extensively on the use of plastic packaging in supermarkets, often in response to citizen movements to reduce it - such as the petition at the end of last year. Luxembourg was also found to be the second-worst offender in the EU when it came to producing plastic waste, according a report from last year.

Cactus and Biogros, a supplier of organic food, have announced in a press release that they will be introducing new, environmentally-friendly packaging to reduce their reliance on plastics. Below is a translation of their (French) press release, provided by RTL Today.

Full press release (translation)

BIOGROS, a supplier of organic products, and Cactus, a major player in mass retailing in Luxembourg, have developed new environmentally friendly packaging for a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables: 100% FSC paper and no mineral oil.
Packaging plays an important role in the preservation of fresh produce, makes it possible to indicate their origin and serves as protection during transport. The desire to use sustainable materials, respectful of nature, seems all the more obvious when it comes to packaging products from organic farming.

This is the challenge faced by BIOGROS and Cactus. United for more than 25 years by the intimate conviction that we must preserve our lands and promote sustainable agriculture, the two partners considered that we must bring the concern for the natural and sustainable beyond the fields, and offer ecological packaging for BIOG fruits and vegetables in order to gradually put an end to the use of plastics in packaging organic food.

While biodegradable plastic is still used for packaging organic fruit and vegetables to distinguish them from conventional food in supermarkets, the new BIOGROS packaging is made of 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paperboard, and the labels are made without the use of mineral oil. This ensures responsible management of forests. All products in the BIOGROS assortment that allow it, taking into account shape and size, will progressively be packaged using durable and 100% recyclable materials.

Thus, Cactus and BIOGROS are able to offer customers environmentally friendly products, from seed to packaging.