On Monday, the new Minister of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity Serge Wilmes will address his respective committee and on Tuesday the Minister for Education, Children and Youth and Housing Claude Meisch will address the Committee on Education Children and Youth.

On Wednesday, the Minister for Health and Social Security Martine Deprez and the Minister for Labour and Sports Georges Mischo will address their respective committees.

On Thursday, it's the Committee on Agriculture's turn with Minister for Agriculture, Food and Viticulture Martine Hansen. In the afternoon, the Committee on Housing and Urban Planning will receive Minister Claude Meisch.

On Monday, Foreign Minister Xavier Bettel will also meet  deputies to engage on foreign affairs and Environment Minister Serge Wilmes will meet the Committee on Environment, Climate and Biodiversity. In addition to the coalition agreement, they will also discuss Luxembourg's position for the United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP28 in Dubai.

Deputies Paul Galles and Franz Fayot will be part of the Luxembourgish delegation in Dubai.