In Belvaux, a drink-driver who had caused damage to several vehicles found himself thwarted in his attempt to flee the scene, thanks to the intervention of concerned passers-by.

The incident unfolded on Friday when the drink-driver inflicted damage to numerous parked cars along Rue de France, at approximately 5pm. Oblivious to the extent of the destruction caused, the driver continued his journey but came to a halt shortly thereafter, as his own vehicle had sustained substantial damage. Alert passers-by acted swiftly, detaining the driver until the police arrived at the scene. Upon arrival, the police transported the driver to the local police station, where he was asked to take to a breathalyser test, yielding the expected positive result. Subsequently, the individual had his driving licence revoked, and a formal complaint was filed against him. The offender was detained in custody overnight.

At around 8pm, a motorist in Eschweiler lost control of her vehicle, veering into a ditch before colliding with another vehicle in the opposite lane. Neither driver sustained injuries; however, alcohol tests yielded positive results for both individuals. The driver responsible for the accident had such a high alcohol content in her blood that her driving licence was immediately revoked, while the other driver received a fine.

Approximately 9.15pm, another incident unfolded at the Biff roundabout as a driver lost control of his vehicle, crashing into a lamppost. Although the driver emerged unscathed, his driving licence was revoked due to excessive alcohol levels, and the vehicle sustained considerable damage.

Further incidents occurred involving three more drivers on Friday night, with alcohol tests returning positive results in Wal, Luxembourg City, and Mersch. As a consequence, one driver had their licence confiscated.

In addition, alcohol controls were conducted on the orders of the public prosecutor's office between 8.30pm on Friday and 1.30am on Saturday. Over 245 motorists were pulled over along the N7, spanning from Weiswampach to the N12 in Wilwerdange and in Wincrange. Eight cases tested positive, resulting in the issuance of three penalty notices and five fines. Additionally, one driving licence was confiscated on the spot.