Some 136,000 seniors live in the Grand Duchy, according to a Statec report released ahead of the International Day of Older People on 1 October.

The oldest woman residing in Luxembourg is 109 years old, while the oldest man is 105. According to Statec, life expectancy for women living in the Grand Duchy is 84.8 years old on average, compared to 80.5 years for men.

As of 1 January 2023, Luxembourg counted 136,374 senior residents aged over 60. In Fischbach, seniors constitute the lowest proportion of the population, accounting for 15.2% of residents per municipality. In contrast, Mondorf-les-Bains boasts the highest population percentage of seniors at 32.5%.

Not all of these are pensioners: around 46% of people aged between 55 and 64 years old still go to work in the Grand Duchy. However, this falls below the European average of 62%.

Six out of ten seniors say they are in good health. 43% of the over-60s say they do not see members of their family who do not share the same household on a daily basis; however, 76% say they have regular virtual contact with their family. As a result, 79% of seniors say they rarely or never feel lonely - but 4% say they struggle with loneliness as they spend much of their time on their own.

Over 60% are still married, while just under a fifth are widowed. The number of divorced seniors is on the rise and now sits at 12.6%, compared to just 1.3% in 1981.