An inquiry has been launched following the lorry crash on 22 September, which resulted in the death of a driver.

The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash, with a view to establishing whether the incident caused involuntary manslaughter and bodily harm.

When questioned by RTL, the prosecutor confirmed there were eyewitnesses to the crash, but could not offer further details prior to the official inquiry. The investigation will clarify whether anyone was to blame for the collision, which left one person dead and others with severe injuries.

An autopsy and expert opinion have been ordered as part of the investigation.

How did the accident unfold?

At around 10am on Friday, a lorry struck the inner crash barrier on the A1 motorway between the Croix de Gasperich and the Sandweiler/Hamm exit. The force of the collision caused a gantry to fall on the opposite side of the motorway.

A person driving in the opposite lane was killed on the spot, while their passenger was left with serious injuries.

Two people travelling in a minibus also suffered minor injuries, while the lorry driver and passenger were also taken to hospital to treat minor wounds.

Police began to evacuate cars stuck in the traffic jam at around midday. The motorway was closed for several hours in both directions and did not fully reopen until after 8pm on Friday. As a result of the closure, traffic built up across other areas.