After an absence of nearly three decades, Luxembourg is gearing up for its grand return to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Financial considerations played a role in Luxembourg's withdrawal from Eurovision following its defeat in 1993. However, the Grand Duchy is now preparing to make a comeback in the 2024 edition of the competition.

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Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who also serves as Minister for Communications and Media, revealed on Wednesday that Luxembourg is more prepared than ever to rejoin Eurovision.

He elaborated on the plans and potential impact of Eurovision for the nation.

Promoting Luxembourg

Luxembourg's return to Eurovision holds the promise of raising the country's international visibility while a potential victory would also boost the development of the Grand Duchy's creative and music industries.

But the government's aspirations extend beyond merely participating in the competition.

In fact, the government claims to be in a position to host the 2025 edition of Eurovision, should the Grand Duchy take home the win next year.

Such an opportunity, the government asserts, could have a positive impact on the local hotel industry and further promote tourism in the country.

The selection process

The Prime Minister also shed light on the process for selecting Luxembourg's candidate for the forthcoming edition.

A national selection will be organised to determine the country's participant on the Eurovision stage. While the specific criteria have yet to be disclosed, the conditions required to be a candidate will be unveiled on 3 July.

RTL, the official partner of the competition, will be entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the selections.

The government has indicated that the candidate must have "a Luxembourgish cultural background," which implies that international candidates may also be considered.