Motorists in Luxembourg are set to face a notable increase in gasoline prices, with an overnight hike taking effect from Thursday to Friday.

With an increase of almost three cents per liter, it's a sting rather than a gift at the pump. Starting from midnight this Friday, the cost of SP98 is seeing a sharp rise, surpassing the 1.80€ mark.
The new rate for SP98 stands at 1.822€ per liter, marking a 2.9 cent increase. This is the sole price rise taking place tonight. Diesel (1.414€) and SP95 (1.57€) prices will remain unchanged.

Notably, all fuel types have seen a price surge since the start of the month. Diesel and SP95 prices have risen between 4 and 6 cents, while SP98 has had a more significant increase of nearly 9 cents.