With the effect of two wage indexations being made at the beginning of the year, one of Luxembourg's social minimum wages will pass the symbolic mark of €3,000 per month.

On 1 April 2023, Luxembourg's social minimum wage will again be the most advantageous in Europe.

After having increased by 3.2% on 1 January, the two minimum wages rose again on 1 February thanks to the triggering of the next wage indexation. They now stand at:

  • €2,447.07 gross for an unskilled worker
  • €2,936.48 gross for a skilled worker

On 1 April, the date of the next wage indexation, the social minimum wage will once again rise by 2.5%. This will bring the amount of the more advantageous of the two to a unique level never before seen in Europe (except in Switzerland, where it varies according to canton).

With this new wage indexation, an employee in Luxembourg will receive at least:

  • €2,508 gross if they are considered unskilled
  • €3,009 gross if they are considered skilled

However, the difference on employees' wages might be limited. Since the postponement of the indexation from July 2022 to 1 April this year, an energy tax credit has been applied to all salaries, which is bound to disappear after 31 March.

In ten years, the Luxembourg minimum wage has increased by several hundred euros per month. In January 2013, it was set at €1,874.19 gross for an unskilled worker and €2,249.03 gross for a skilled worker.

However, the minimum wage is only one of the components affected by the indexation. In fact, all social parameters, such as family allowances and pensions, are re-evaluated at each wage indexation.

This is also the case for the price scale of medical care, which is also indexed. This means that as of 1 April this year, the price of a consultation with a general practitioner will increase from €54.90 to €56.30.