A petition calling for "family allowances rather than funding of public institutions" has passed the 4,500 signature mark, forcing a public debate in the Chamber of Deputies.

The author of petition no. 2512 says he wants to "give families the choice" on how to educate their children rather than placing them in public institutions, such as kindergartens or schools.

This would be done through "compensation" paid out to parents who choose to devote most of their time educating their children, the petition reads.

The petitioner also argues that this would help public schools improve the quality of their services, as more people would be home-schooled. He argues that this could have positive effects on the labour market with more jobs opening up.

The petitioner will be able to present his arguments in the Chamber in the near future, but no date has been set.

On 25 January, the Chamber will debate two days of home office.