The year 2022 is prone to become one of the driest years in Luxembourg's history, warns the Water Management Authority in a statement published on Wednesday.

Not only forests and animals are suffering under the heat, it also affects rivers and creeks to the point where some streams have already dried up.

The north of the Grand Duchy is more affected than the south. In July, water levels in the Oesling region went down to only a quarter of their usual levels.

The Water Management Authority further underlines that isolated rainfalls and storms are unlikely to change much about the situation. There is not enough oxygen in the water and there is an elevated risk for pollution. Although sufficient drinking water reserves are ensured, the situation remains critical in some locations.

People are thus urged to respect certain regulations, such as not pumping water from riverbeds. Furthermore, people should refrain from fishing, watering their lawns, or washing their cars.