The cultural scene in Luxembourg has lost an important member with the death of Edouard Kutter.

The photographer, galerist and artist passed away last week aged 87.

Active since the 60s, Kutter was the official photographer of the Grand-Ducal Court. He donated his photos and large collection to Luxembourg City's Photothèque in 1986.

The tens of thousands of photos he has taken of the country and its inhabitants throughout his life are of particular interest from a historical standpoint.

Kutter hailed from an artistic family. His father, Edouard Kutter senior, was himself a photographer and followed the Grand-Ducal family from 1918. His uncle was the famous Luxembourgish painter Joseph Kutter, who died in 1941.

The Kutter family's photography workshop was situated on Avenue Monterey at first, before moving to Avenue de la Liberté. Kutter's art gallery was on rue des Bains.

Kuttor also authored several photography books.

Edouard Kutter is survived by his wife and two children, Brigitte and Edouard.

His photographs can be seen on the National Archives website.