The recent increase in monkeypox infections has raised a number of questions. The World Health Organisation (WHO) itself has called for action and described the situation as "atypical".

Cases of monkeypox are increasing in Europe too. However, no case has yet been officially detected in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg's MPs are also concerned about this disease. MP Nancy Kemp-Arendt from the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) recently submitted a parliamentary enquiry with no less than ten questions to Minister of Health Paulette Lenert.

The MP would like to know whether the government is prepared to trace cases in Luxembourg, whether there is an emergency plan, and what the latest research suggests regarding the symptoms of the disease.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, however, did not deem Kemp-Arendt's questions "urgent", a decision which the MP criticised as "scandalous".

Minister of Health Paulette Lenert now has one month to respond to the enquiry. If the urgency of the parliamentary question had been recognised, Lenert would have had one week to respond.