Only black and grey are allowed to be used since the introduction of the regulation.

According to a poll carried out by TNS-Ilres in 2016, about half of Luxembourgers under the age of 25 have at least one tattoo.

As of this year, the new EU regulation, entitled REACH, has prohibited the use of around 4,000 substances due to concerns about them leading to cancer or causing allergies. This means that most tattoo colours are now off limits, with red and green pigments following soon.

Nevertheless, new colours are to hit the market soon, although not all tattoo artists are keen about the switch, as Marion Thill conveyed: "The new colours cost twice as much and we have to buy new sets for all our employees. Furthermore, the new colours are quickly sold out."

Thill expressed his support for the change in general, but emphasised that there remain a number of open questions, like for instance how long the new colours will last. Unsurprisingly, demand to be tattooed with the old colour sets increased a final time towards the end of last year.