Other EU countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands have tightened their coronavirus restrictions. Could we see stricter measures in Luxembourg once again?

According to reports by Radio 100,7, the government is expected to convene once again on Monday, following Friday's meeting to assess the situation as infections are once again on the rise.

It is thought the Prime Minister and Minister of Health will address the media once more on Monday if new measures are agreed.

The government will seek to introduce potential new measures to reduce the number of contacts and to better manage events with large numbers of people, according to the report.

Ministers are concerned about the exponential rise in new Covid infections over recent weeks and hope to avoid another situation like last winter. The stagnant vaccination rate is also cause for concern.

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Current Covid measures were put in place as part of the new law, which is set to expire on 18 December. It is feasible that an amended law would replace existing measures from this date onwards.