The number of Covid infections is on the rise again, and so is the number of people who need to get tested.

How long is the wait for an appointment? Can I get tested without an appointment?

With more tests being done again, appointments may be harder to find. It can be useful to look in more than one place, as there are four companies doing PCR tests in Luxembourg.

"Laboratoires réunis" offer tests with or without a prescription at two drive-in locations on P+R Bouillon and in Junglinster. Appointments are usually available one or two days in advance. They also have labs in Wiltz and Marnich, but here the wait time can be 3 to 4 days.

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"Ketterthill" also offers tests with or without a prescription in a variety of labs such as Belval, Redange-sur-Attert or Sandweiler. Appointments are usually available 2 to 3 days ahead of time, but you will find a variety of timeslots.

The "Laboratoire national de Santé" in Dudelange generally has appointments the next day, but these are only available with a prescription.

"BioneXt LAB", on the other hand, offer tests without an appointment and prescription, either in their special test centre in Leudelange, or at one of their "Picken Doheem" or "BioneXt LAB"locations from 9am.

Prices vary, depending on whether you have a prescription or not. Without one, for instance if you need the test to go on holiday, the cost is around 60 Euros.

This information is also available on the websites of the different labs.