While the effective reproduction number varies greatly, as the number of cases also varies from day to day, it is well above one.

The coronavirus pandemic is once again moving towards a period of exponential growth, and not just abroad, but also in Luxembourg. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers of the Covid-19 Task Force in their latest report, which was published on Friday.

227 new cases were recorded per day, compared to 206 the previous week. The researchers expect the number of infections to increase further over the coming days and weeks.

While the number of people in hospital due to Covid-19 has increased, the number of patients in intensive care has remained more or less stable.

The researchers estimate that some 60 people could be in hospital due to Covid-19 in January 2022, 25 of which would be in intensive care.

However, the report stresses that such projections should be taken with a grain of salt, as it remains unknown how the virus will evolve and whether or not people will change their behaviour.

Until herd immunity is achieved through a high enough vaccination rate, the situation can be stabilised by reducing contacts, adhering to social distancing, and wearing masks, the report states.

The researchers point out that small changes in behaviour can have a significant impact, both positively and negatively.
Read the full report by the Covid-19 Task Force (in English) here