From 2024 onwards, the tram will run from Cloche d'Or to Findel airport. The clearing works along the A1 around Kirchberg will start this Monday.

The construction of the fifth section of the Luxembourg City tram line, which will link Kirchberg to Findel airport, will start on Monday - despite a delay of several years.

André von der Marck, Luxtram's managing director, told RTL 5minutes that the team is clearly aiming to reach Findel by the beginning of 2024.

From January 2022 onwards, the construction of the overpass, which will allow the tram line to cross the A1 and then run along the motorway towards Findel, will begin near the 'Neien Tramsschapp'.


À l'arrière du Tramsschapp, la ligne de tram passera de l'autre côté de l'autoroute de Trèves pour contourner l'échangeur et filer vers le Findel ensuite / © Domingos Oliveira / RTL

In the meantime, preparatory work for this major project will be launched on Monday. The aim is to start removing trees from a 3.2 hectare area along the motorway.

The work has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment, but will be compensated for by other measures; new trees will be planted on selected land in the municipalities of Junglinster, Lorentzweiler and Niederanven.

These new plantations, with a total surface area of 8.6 hectares, will promote the construction of new habitats for fauna, and in particular for several protected species of bats and muskrats, Luxtram assures.


© Maurice Fick / RTL

The opening of the section to the airport in 2024, if the deadlines are met, will mean that users will be able to travel the 16km between the new Cloche stadium and Luxembourg airport in one go, as well as reach the airport from Kirchberg in only a few minutes.