A big event awaits young Luxembourgers in Graz after the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games: The European Skills Championship, which started on 22 September.

The event was originally scheduled to take place in September 2020 but was postponed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic - first to January 2021 and then indefinitely - while the Austrian authorities reorganised to mitigate the spread of the virus.

EuroSkills Graz 2021 finally got underway on Wednesday at the Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum Center, located 15 km from the centre of Graz.

Dita Traidas, President of WorldSkills Europe, explained that as with all major international events, the pandemic had a huge impact on the planning and organisation of the EuroSkills event in Graz. The organisers are "incredibly grateful and proud" of the EuroSkills Graz team who have worked "tirelessly and closely" with WorldSkills Europe to ensure that WorldSkills can "take their movement forward" in these complicated circumstances.

Crafts, industry, commerce, hospitality

The event was eagerly awaited by young people under the age of 25, who come to present their talent among the more than 20 countries participating in the competition. A "training session" that ended up lasting longer than expected following the various postponements of the event due to the pandemic.


Nine young talents will represent Luxembourg in this 2021 edition, representing eight professions including glass construction, plumbing and heating installation, web development, mobile robotics, beauty therapy, cooking, restaurant service, and entrepreneurship. Two team leaders accompany them on this adventure.

Following their qualification, the Luxembourg representatives have proven that they are capable of working under pressure, even in front of an audience that scrutinises their every move.

The following ambassadors will defend the colours of Luxembourg during these few days in Austria:

  • Lukas Masselter – Glass Construction Technology
  • Kevin Meyer – Plumbing and Heating
  • Steve Weiwert – Web Development
  • Noah Massen – Mobile Robotics
  • Marina Monteiro Pinto – Beauty Therapy
  • Jim Meyers – Cooking
  • Ivo Silva – Entrepreneurship Business Development
  • Clémentine Offner – Entrepreneurship Business Development
  • Georges Albert – Restaurant Service

Further information is available on www.worldskills.lu and www.script.lu.