Despite young people in Luxembourg generally being happy,'s report on the situation in 2020 also stresses that the assessment is far from clear-cut.

Most notably, substantial differences can be observed between young people from a privileged background, whose happiness is generally above average, and those from more difficult backgrounds. These differences have been amplified by the Covid-19 crisis.

In 2019, almost half of all young people, who described their own socio-economic status as "low", stated that they were unhappy with their life, compared to over 70% in 2020. The number of those from a privileged socio-economic background who stated they are unhappy with their life slightly increased but remains significantly lower at 10%.

The study also determined that the restrictions introduced to contain the spread of the coronavirus were "well accepted" by young people, and not to protect themselves but in order to protect vulnerable people. In summer 2020, when the data was collected, more young people thought the rules at the time were too lax than too severe.