Despite favouring the lifting of restrictions, the Consultative Human Rights Commission of Luxembourg (CCDH) laments that the new laws still lack coherence.

Furthermore, the report denounces the laws as being "unreadable". For instance, the commission criticises that it is unclear when or where the Covid check system can be applied, or why restrictions in schools, such as masks, have not been reevaluated.

The commission is especially disappointed that the legal text fails to emphasise that vaccinations are not mandatory, and that they cannot be used to discriminate against people. CCDH concludes that the introduction of Covid checks will most likely result in the further alienation of members of our society.

Due to the number of uncertainties, the Human Rights Commission has asked the government to rework the laws in detail and add the necessary precisions. They also believe that mandatory testing procedures in the health care sector need be ratified.

On Thursday morning, the Chamber's health commission will evaluate both the CCDH report and that of the State Council. The latter has listed a number of formal oppositions, as well as amendments for the new laws, which have to be put up for vote on Saturday at the latest.