Despite precautionary measures, employees at the Fond-de-Gras are happy to welcome guests again after the long winter break.

Last year, the lockdown significantly impacted the season of the Train 1900 in Pétange. It was only able to open in July 2020, which means that the number of guests was much lower that in previous years.

Employees at the historic train station have been preparing the reopening for several months. They conducted maintenance work on the trains and expanded the platforms and rails at the station.

The tour from Pétange to the Fond-de-Gras is eight kilometres long, and people can use the train 1900 for the trip back on forth every Sunday. On Friday, the steam locomotive AES 5 was baptised "Stéphanie" in honour of its patron, the hereditary Grand Duchess.

For more information about train schedules, please visit the website of the train 1900.