Pregnant women are categorised as risk patients for Covid-19 and should be able to receive the jab in phase 5b of the national vaccination campaign, according the Luxembourgish Superior Council of Infectious Diseases, which made the recommendation on Monday.

Until now, pregnancy was still a contraindication to get the Covid vaccine due to insufficient data on the vaccine's effects. The Superior Council of Infectious Diseases now recommends vaccination after the first trimester, and only with mRNA vaccines.

Women who have additional health risks and pregnant women who are particularly exposed to their profession should be treated even more so. Various US studies totaling 30,000 participants has shown no adverse effect on the mother or baby in the womb.

It is unlikely that the vaccine will have a different effect in pregnant women than in other women of the same age. Even in animal testing, no negative effects of a vaccination on pregnancy and the baby were found.

Women who are breastfeeding are also advised to get vaccinated. Here, the Superior Council of Infectious Diseases does not advocate a specific vaccine. The risk of the vaccine entering breast milk would be very small.

The Superior Council of Infectious Diseases also emphasises that the coronavirus vaccine has no impact on fertility.

On Tuesday, phase 4 of the vaccination campaign was launched. There is no set date for phase 5.