"Businesses will have to consider whether they still need all their employees in the future," says the secretary general of the Horesca François Koepp.

Partial unemployment is slated to be extended until the end of May for the hospitality sector.

This was agreed at a meeting on Tuesday betweem the association and the Minister of Labour Dan Kersch. How it will continue after that remains to be seen.

The minister had made it clear that the sector should continue to be supported with a partial unemployment option, but the specific conditions would depend on the evolution of Covid restrictions over the next few months.

So far, it had been understood that only 50% of partial unemployment would be covered starting in May, going down to zero in July.

Koepp said: "It looks like the 100% partial unemployment we have now will be maintained through May, since we won't fully reopen. It will be a reopening with restrictions, so the minister has agreed to extend the measures for now."

Continuing long term would be difficult when there is no clear indication where things were going, he said.

Businesses may have to consider letting people go. Whether this would happen with a reemployment plan in collaboration with the unions, or via the economic committee, remains to be seen.