Luxembourg is in the midst of a second wave, and new measures have been introduced by the government. In this context, Grand Duke Henri calls for solidarity.

The situation is reminiscent of March. The first wave had just emerged and the Luxembourg government, like many other countries in the world, announced a lockdown to avoid the worst.

The Grand Duke addressed Luxembourg's residents. His message back then was that the country was in an exceptional situation, both in human and social terms, unlike anything that came before. He also called for solidarity.

Eight months later, the situation is eerily similar. No lockdown, but stricter rules to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Luxembourg. The number of new infections is exploding, and not only in the Grand Duchy.

What is of particular concern to the Grand Duke in this "second great wave" is the number of infections in hospitals, directly affecting those who take care of our health and intervene on a daily basis.

It is in this sense that the Grand Duke calls for the population to help contain the spread of the virus. In his speech, he stressed that we all share the responsibility to protect others. It is a matter of solidarity and respect and we owe it not only to our fellow citizens, but also to nurses, doctors, nurses' assistants and all hospital staff.

The Grand Duke's Speech (translated by RTL Today)

Dear fellow citizens,

In these difficult times, it is important for me to share some thoughts with you.

You all know that the number of coronavirus infections has increased considerably in recent days. Both in Europe and worldwide.

Luxembourg has not been spared by this second great wave.

What concerns me in particular is the news that there were cases of infected staff members in hospitals. And then there is the news that infections are also rising in care and nursing homes.

This sharp increase in new infections has strained the situation in the health sector.

The staff in the hospitals are doing a remarkable job. They do everything they can to ensure that their patients receive the best possible treatment.

However, it is also up to each and every one of us, who resides, lives or works in Luxembourg, to contribute once again to limiting the spread of the virus.

We all have a responsibility towards our fellow human beings, especially towards vulnerable and elderly people.

Respecting the regulations is a matter of solidarity and respect. We owe it to our fellow human beings, but also to the nurses, doctors, care assistants, and all hospital staff.

The restrictions which limit our daily lives and our freedoms are exceptional measures and not easy decisions. But at the moment they are indispensable and appropriate in the fight against the pandemic.

That is why it is also important to continue to limit social contacts and to focus on what is really indispensable. These are small gestures that can, however, make a big difference.

I firmly count on the solidarity of all of you to ensure that we overcome this second wave as well as possible.

The time to act is now and only together we will succeed.