The curfew's aim, confirmed Friday by the government, is to slow the spread of coronavirus infections.

The curfew, announced by Xavier Bettel on Friday 23 October, will come into force this Monday 26 October.

MPs on the health committee are due to study the text on Monday for it to "enter the legislative process as soon as possible". The government hopes to complete its work to amend the Covid law by the end of the week.

Introduced to counter the record rise in new cases of coronavirus, and the increase in the number of hospitalised patients, the curfew will prohibit unnecessary travel between 11 pm in the evening and 6 am the next morning for the duration of one month.

In parallel with the curfew, a "rule of four" will be decreed in restaurants and at home: no more than four people at a restaurant table (unless they are from the same household) and no more than four guests at home (with the same rules as for restaurants).

Bars and restaurants will be able to continue to serve their customers. The other sanitary rules of social distancing, washing your hands and wearing a face masks remain in place.