Although Germany may have removed Luxembourg from its list of risk zones, this is not necessarily the case for other countries.

On Thursday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn published an updated list of countries still imposing travel restrictions on people coming from Luxembourg.
The list includes:

Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Iceland , Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Some Portuguese islands are also imposing restrictions, including Madeira and Azores.

Although Germany has removed Luxembourg from the list of risk zones, Asselborn confirmed that certain states were still imposing restrictions on Luxembourg travellers.

For those planning a trip to any of these destinations, it is best to consult the site for information prior to departure.

Otherwise, travellers can contact their airline, travel agent or government websites for the destination country.

Restrictions may vary depending on the destination and the list is subject to change.