Last week, police had fined 120 vehicle owners for illegally parking at the reservoir. This weekend, once again, the parking situation proved to be challenging.

The traffic and parking situation around the reservoir up north has caused trouble and debate for many years. Our colleague Tim Morizet assessed the situation.

Capacity for parking spots has doubled in 2020, with 600 spots in Insenborn and 100 in Lultzhausen. Because reservations are compulsory over the weekend, more and more guests find their way to the lake on weekdays.

An additional, free parking space will be added in the near future, says Marco Schank, mayor of Esch-Sauer, which has an extra capacity for up to 700 vehicles.

Last year, there was an incident where an ambulance could not pass through a street to the lake because visitors had parked carelessly. These are scenes no one wants to relive again, says Schank.

Constant police presence will remain in the area to check up on parked cars.

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