From 3 August onwards, retail businesses can apply for financial assistance from the government. Here is all you need to know about the support package.

The amount of assistance is 1,000 euros per employee for the month of July, 750 euros per employee for the month of August and 500 euros per employee for the month of September. This aid cannot exceed 50,000 euros.

The required conditions

It should be noted that the aid is subject to several conditions.

First, it is intended only for businesses in the retail sector which have been forced to stop activities on 18 March, or which have suffered a severe loss of turnover of at least 50% between 15 March and 15 May.

Second, the business can not have received partial unemployment subsidies for the month for which the aid in question is requested. Third, the business cannot have laid off employees for economic reasons.

The application form is available on

The recovery and solidarity fund

There is also a "recovery and solidarity fund" which retail businesses can take advantage of and submit their requests via

Companies in the tourism, events, culture and entertainment sectors that experience a loss of turnover during the months of June to November 2020 of at least 25% compared to the same period of the year 2019 can benefit from a non-refundable monthly aid, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of the number of employees and self-employed workers of the company.

The company thus receives 1,250 euros per employee and active self-employed individual, while this amount rises to 250 euros per employee who is in full partial unemployment during the month for which the aid is requested.