The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement summarising German regulations applying to residents of the Grand Duchy.

Minister Asselborn released a statement regarding the recent restrictions issued by the German state, which could affect travel plans of Luxembourgish citizens in the near future.

  • Germany declared Luxembourg an at-risk area on 14 July.

  • Germany has not yet reintroduced any form of border controls or lockdowns. None of the country's provincial states prohibits Luxembourgish citizens from entering.

  • Quarantine measures implemented by Germany for travellers from at-risk countries do not prevent anybody from entering the country.

  • Large parts of the population are exempt from quarantine measures altogether. Every state has different regulations, but it is to be noted that cross-border workers from Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland do not have to undergo quarantine. Other reasons for travelling, such as family visits, medical appointments, or university meetings will also be considered pertinent.

  • Every state allows travelling through the area.

  • It is important to note that travellers with a medical note conforming a negative molecular biological corona test (no older than 48 hours prior to travelling) will not have to undergo quarantine measures. The medical note needs to be in German or English and be kept for 14 days.

  • German residents travelling to the Grand Duchy will also have to undergo certain measures, depending on their respective home states. Travellers from Rhineland-Palatinate can stay in Luxembourg for up to 72 hours without having to quarantine after. Saarland is currently considering the same measure. People travelling from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein can only stay 48 hours.

  • At this moment, we have to expect that more changes will follow in the not too distant future. Before travelling to Germany, citizens are advised to check in with the respective states' websites.