The teacher's union Féduse raised concerns about the application of sanitary measures in classes of up to 30 students.

On Saturday morning, the president of the teacher's union Féduse, Raoul Scholtes, stated on RTL Radio that quantity should not be mistaken for quality.

Secondary school teachers regret the Ministry's decision that their students will also be merged as of 29 June. In fact, most of them enjoyed working with split classes as it allowed them to concentrate on the specific needs of the individual students. The 6 additional school days are therefore seen as superfluous.

The decision also means that secondary schools have to reorganise for the 4th time, especially when it comes to exams. With up to 30 students in one class, Féduse also wonders how sanitary measures could be applied properly. Even though children may be less infectious, the situation is different when it comes to teenagers.

Scholtes dismissed the argument that this would serve as a test run for the beginning of the new school year in September. The teacher's union also hopes that tests will still be carried out on a large scale in September.