Last week, the hospital association sent an outline of suggested guidelines for patient visits to the Ministry of Health.

Patient visits in hospitals and care homes had been prohibited since the beginning of the outbreak - a precautionary measure that is now set to change. The Centre Hospitalier du Nord has already announced that patients are allowed to have visitors between 3 pm and 7 pm for a maximum duration of one hour. The Hôpitaux Robert Schuman have followed suit with similar steps, allowing a maximum of one visitor per patient in the room for one hour only. Visitors have to disinfect their hands upon entering and wear a mask at all times. Arrivals have to be communicated in advance to the respective staff members of a hospital floor. Hands have to be disinfected once more when a patient room is either entered or left.

It is furthermore advised that no more than two visitors should see a patient in one day. Visits from patients who tested positive for the virus or display symptoms are not allowed.

Kirchberg hospital is hoping to reopen to visitors on 8 June.